Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Letter for when we are thirty.

To Lily.

When you are thirty I hope that you will live how you want it to be.
I hope you are going to be a teacher that wants to teach year 1’s.
When you are thirty you should be married like you have always wanted to be.
I will be proud of you for what ever you turn out to do .
Your life should turn out as a Teacher , Married and you need to visit New York and follow your dreams.
So turn out who you want to be.

Try not to be that shy. all the time and tell people what is the matter when you are sad.

Remember to buy a Snow white Chihuahua and call her Chloe and
a puppy called Fincher.
Make sure you have 4 kids called Laura , Sophie , Jacob and Isabella.

Live in London for what you have wished for.
Don’t give up Lily - have you done everything you have wanted?

From Lily.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Kids for Kids.

Today 30th November team 5 and 6  went to the opera house  for a kids for kids rehearsal  for tonight. We met Suzanne Prentice and our conductor is Chris. 
We had Dayna and Callum who is going lead us around and introduce the audience to the show.
Tonight I am really excited because we are going to sing in front of a big audience and the songs we are singing are :

Muppet Show theam.
Happy days.
Wombling song.
Candy man. (soloist).
Somewhere out there.(soloist).
When you wish upon a star.(soloist)
NZ Ad medley.
Sister act medley.
60's Medley.
Que sera sera.
Hey baby.
Talk with the animals.

Our soloist is Hope and she is singing Somewhere out there.
I think Parkvale school showed heaps of pride and did really well today.

Dayna is from Operation Hero , Chris is off funky monkeys and Suzanne Prentice.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Art / Visulising.

This is my Visulising for the wonder book that Miss Garland was reading to us.
I am rally proud of myself.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Holiday Homework.

The bell rings , I walk slowly, I go down into the lunch parlour and go down the hall further and poked my head into the classroom window. I see my Teacher Miss Witchful reading a witch spells book , I felt conscious of her and I ran down the hall to my friend Julie who was sitting in the corner . I told her what Miss Witchful was doing She said “ Making  funny stories again” , I said“ No I'm not kidding come have a look if you don’t believe me”, She said “ Ok but i still don’t believe you”. As me and Julie went passed the window of our classroom we look in and see she is reading a book but it is not the same one I saw just a few minutes ago. I said to myself feeling embarrassed “I swear it was a witch’s spell book” The teacher turns around but luckily we ducked in time. Then the bell rang for class. Me and Julie ran to class and I was getting suspicious. When Miss witchful gave me a sheet she looked at me as if i did something wrong. She told me to wait after school because she wanted to talk to me about something. I was getting nervous. I was wondering  if she saw me. (Ring) The bell went and i was sitting at my desk when she came up to me and said “ now your grades are three for maths and three for spelling and three for reading but your writing grade is two  now for the two week holidays you have to write a five page story. I said “ does anyone else have to “ she said “no” because i am the only one who is grade two. I said “but I'm busy from Friday till Monday next term” “well you could try to start it this week after school. I didn't say anything I just walked off .

I'm waking up and thinking what will Miss Witchful be up to. As I was getting ready for school I saw Miss Witchful walking her dog it didn't really look like a dog it looked like a little monster dog with red eyes and purple fur. I decided to call Julie and tell her but when i told her she didn't believe me. So I told her to come over and walk with me to school. She said “yeah Ok then”. As we were walking down towards school we saw Miss Witchful with her dog and when we got closer it looked like a normal dog with brown fur and brown eyes.
The bell went for class and we were sitting on the mat. Miss Witchful was handing out pieces of paper that had sentences on them mine said I see what your trying to do and when i finished reading it Miss Witchful gave me a look like she knew what I was up to. My friend Julie's one said Look to the future. When it came to interval I was spying on my teacher through the window. She wasn't up to much , but I think she knew somehow that I was spying on her. She turned her chair around and acted as if nothing was there. Then she looked quickly straight at me and made her eyes go red. I turned and ran as  fast as I could down the hall to see Julie and tell her everything , She looked at me as if I was going mad. The bell rang and everyone walked into class , I sat down at the back not knowing she would come out the back door. When the teacher was arriving she peeped through the back door and she had told everyone that she’d bring fizzy back from the staff room. She opened the door slowly and creped past me , when she got up the front she took out cups and bottles of fizzy for everyone. I knew there was something wrong going on  , so I didn't have any fizzy just in case she did something bad to  my drink. It came to the end of the day and so I asked Julie if she would want to walk home with me , but she said no because now she thinks that I am trying to make our teacher feel bad. As I was walking home alone it was getting dark and cloudy.I was about 5 minutes away from home and then my teacher popped out of nowhere with a knife in her hands. I think she was trying to play a spell on me. So I ran back to school because its the only place I knew where there's hiding places.


So I ran to school in a hurry thinking what am I doing , I should have ran home instead of school. I was  running around the school looking for Miss Witchful to see that she would not find me.
Julie was walking along the path beside the school , but I have no idea why. I was getting confused then Julie walked into the school and said “why are you here Lily it is 7.00am in the morning  , I had saw you walking to school at midnight” , I said back “ The teacher is trying to pull a spell on me and now she is chasing me with a knife in her hand”. This time I think she believes me because she saw the teacher , now we are both in danger trapped in the school grounds. I say “ We don’t need to panic that much because I have my phone and I will call the police , but I was looking for my phone and nothing was in my bag it had all vanished.  It was 8.00am now so the bell rang and we went into class , I was so terrified I wanted to go home and hide under my blankets on my bed. So I was in class doing work for the rest of the day in class because I had got detention.

I am in bed laying there staring at the ceiling , I yell out to my mum “I don’t wanna go to school today” but my mum said I have to because I would miss all the work I have to do at school. When I got to school I met Julie again and told her we have to be aware of Miss Witchful until the bell rings.
So we were playing outside on the playground with all the other kids so she would not notice us. Then the bell rang we went into class and sat down at our desks , I was at the back once again and so she can not get me so easy. Miss Witchful came in the classroom at sat on her chair staring at all of us. I was wondering what she was doing when she called out “Julie and Lily come here please” and so we went up to her seat worrying. When we got to her desk she handed us a notice each and the notice’s said “ To Girls.

I know what you have been up to all week and that I have to tell you that you have to do extra homework in the holiday’s for all this danger you two have caused me.
You both have to come to school everyday and work for what you have caused”.

I was surprised and said to Julie “What damage have we done to her , we have not done that much to bother her she is the one who is trying to play a spell on us”. We both looked at each other when we went down the class to our desks.
Me and Julie were just talking all day about our teacher how we thought she was a witch , because she kind of looked like one.
It came to the end of the day and we went home and were hoping that we could get away with not going to school in the holidays for one whole week.
But then suddenly the phone rang and I was scared it would be my teacher making a trick on my mum and saying that she wants Me and Julie for the holidays to help her with her household.

When mum picked up the phone it was Miss Witchful and she had said everything I imagined she would say. “This has not to be happening right now” I said to myself.

Holidays Day 1

I wake up in my bed saying “Yay it’s the holidays”  , then mum walks up the stairs and wakes me up so I can be at Miss Witchfuls house early instead of late.
When me and Julie got there she showed us her house it was a pigsty , it was so messy I didn't even want to go in the house.
But she made us , we started of with the Lounge that was the  least messiest so we started that first. The house was humongous it had 1 Lounge, 2 Bathrooms and 1 Bedroom and 1 Kitchen. So we kept cleaning the Lounge when we heard up big bang up stairs and green sparks came down the stairs slowly. We were scared and wanted to go home  , it felt like she was working on a spell to capture us. We just ignored it  suddenly I had found a box and I looked in it  , it had a magic wand in it and it was our teachers spare one. Julie was surprised , Me and Julie quickly made a wish to make the holidays over and that the house was clean. Magic rose up in the air and went boom and the whole house shook , Me and Julie were at school and it was lunch time. I said to Julie “ What are we doing here” , But then we really didn’t care about  anything and I realised that we still had the magic wand at the time.  So we wished that there was no more school for the rest of the year and our teacher was gone.

The End
Written by Lily Petersen - Burns.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

100 word writing.

The temperature suddenly dropped  to 12.6. c degrees . I was trying to open the window to let the coldness in because it was so hot before. I could not open the window , so I went outside and it started to snow. When there was heaps of snow  ,I Started to make a snowman.   Then I invited my friend over and had heaps of snowball fights , it was heaps of fun then she had to go home because it came to dinner time and the snow went away and the sun came out but I said maybe a another time.

Pressure writing .

I think I did really well on my pressure writing.
I think that I could of done more answers.

Mathletics Poster 2012.

photo.JPGThis is my draft for my Mathletics poster for 2012.
I thought I need to work more on measuring it correctly. I think I could improve my poster by being more careful. 

Maori Post.

photo.JPGThis is my Maori picture and audio file that I have done on Maori parts of the body.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Scooter Art.

This is my Scooter Art that I copied of a scooter. I think I didn't to that well on my blending and sketching dark to light. In this Picture I have drawed a Wheel and Brake. I could improve my blending by keep practicing till I get it perfect.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Blog Review / Courtney .

I thought I would do a blog review on Courtney because she is a nice friend and because I think her blog is an interesting blog to look at.
I would think people would enjoy her blog with all her cool and interesting story's you can read.
Also I think people would leave some good comment's on her story's and her pictures.
I think Courtney has worked her hardest and best to get all of this great work done.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

National Anthem for made up counrty.

In my nation there's lots of things to do.
You can play each and every day.
Have the freedom to be who you are.
Please enjoy yourself in my country.

Please recycle I entreat.
Keep my country tidy and neat.
When it gets dark the sun will light you up.
Thank you for coming to my country.
I hope you had lots and lots of fun.
Don't forget to come back soon.

The Lonely Robot.

So I stare at the factory wondering should I go in or should I not. I was thinking for a little while , well it did look scary and dark but what if it is nice and bright in the inside.
Well just then I said to myself I am going in and I am going to see the inside for myself .
So I set of inside maybe I was wrong maybe it wasn’t the right decision to go in , it was dark and scary but I still went on looking in the factory for my dream come true.
Then I came to a room full of rooms, “ Now I am never going to find my dream come true .  No not at this point”. Then I heard something coming straight for me they had a flashlight so I could see where I was going. So I ran to the nearest hiding spot. My heart was pounding with fear. I was so scared and nervous. Suddenly the person came straight past me with huge feet and they were very tall but I told myself, “I have to find my dream. Its the only thing I want”.
I set off still having time to calm down and to think where would I go. Then I came to a room where  I found a person saying my name “little robot, little robot.” I stop with fear staring at that scary room.
Then the person came out and said “ LITTLE ROBOT” in a happy voice.
When he had came out he was so happy and cheerful.  Then I realised something , something I had remembered ages ago , he was my owner the person who had created me. I was so happy. I was so happy that it brightened up my whole life.
He was holding my hand and leading me to a big surprise, when we got to a dark room he had turned on the light and there it was my dream a family with a town and streets and houses. He introduced me to my new family I had a mum, a dad, a little sister and a little brother. I was so excited. We had a wonderful life and I made some new friends with some other kids named Joe, Karl and Chub chub. The next day my mum had even started me in school with my friends. I learnt heaps at school today and then she said that I get to go every day and then I said “YAY”.

We Lived Happily Together Forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The great white man eating shark(end of story).

The Man Eating Shark (end of story)
When Miss Scorpio started to freak out  she swam away out of Caramel Cove  and yelled out to the others “ Ahh swim away a great white is here “.Everyone went out of the sea and started to stare at the shark. Everyone was scared of the shark , but the bad thing was that Norman had heard everyone left. He didn’t know that they were there staring and watching him so he popped his head up out of the water . He saw everyone looking at him and Norman was in a heap of trouble. Everyone looked at each other and Miss Scorpio was so disappointed at Norman that she made him wash the dishes at her bakery. Norman’s mum did not know until Miss Scorpio told her. When his mother knew Norman had done that she said to him, “No more dessert for you after dinner now Mr”. So she  dragged him to Miss Scorpio’s bakery and made him wash the dishes for a whole month to punish him for not sharing Caramel Cove Ocean. So from now on Miss Scorpio would bring out more dishes.But Norman’s mum was still angry about it and he was still wearing his shark fin because so everyone knew that he was the one who tricked everyone.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Spider Letter's.

Spider’s Letter.

To  Ella
I am the spider that lives in your favorite tree.
I just want to know if you can stop smashing all my webs I make it takes 12 hours to make a web each day.
Every time you wreck my web with your toys or your feet my family gets hurt.
All I am asking is for you to stop wrecking my house and hurting my family..
Thanks Spider.

Kids letter.
Sorry spider I did not know that spiders have feelings.
My family had always thought they had been hurting people.
I did not realise that we were hurting you all the time and everyday.
I am really sorry about all that roughness.
Thanks Ella..

Spider’s Letter.

That’s all right I just maybe thought you were doing it on purpose.
Just please do not do it any more.
But I do forgive you.
Thanks Spider.

Kids Letter.
Dear spider.
Thanks for forgiving my mistake over the last couple of years.
I am really grateful.
I hope I can come see you tomorrow when it is nice and sunny.
Thanks, Ella.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Men's Olympic Rowing.

Olympic Rowing.
The sound went off. I  knew it was time to race  so I started to row. My partner behind me  said, “we have to go medium now and fast at the end”. So we started to go medium and we had just finished crossing the first line. We had about 1500 meters to go yet.  We started to sweat. We got thirsty but we could not have a drink right now. We were wondering if we were in front or not. We were panicking and so we went faster and faster and then we realised that we were coming  second. We were so happy about it. We were almost at the three quarter line. We thought we were going to lose but then we were happy again because we had heard the crowd shouting, “GO NZ , GO NZ , GO NZ”. It was so exciting we only had one hundred meters to go.
We were so tired and thirsty , but luckily we had some shorts and singlets on .  Then some more people started to cheer. We were almost there but we had no idea where we were it was confusing me.
Then we were so puffed and we were slowing down and everything was going so blurry that I could hardly see anything. Then it was starting to go clear again. I felt way better and stronger so I went faster and faster.
We had 3 meters to go and we were about to go over the finishing line to win. We won and we broke a world record. Me and my friend behind me were so excited and happy. When we had finished jumping up and down we were so tired  that we drunk so much water.
Rowing was so fun today I said to my friend as we heard the crowd cheering. Then we walked out of our boat and talked through
heaps of different microphones and we were getting showed on heaps of cameras as well. That was such a fun day today .

New Zealand came 1st,  France came 2nd ,  Poland came 3rd
and Survia came 4th and then ,  Hungry came last which was 5th.

We came to the finish line at 6:08.50
We broke a World Record.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Rebecca Adlington.

 Rebecca Adlington

      Rebecca was born on the 17 of February , 1989. She is now 22. She is a olympic swimmer. Born in mansfield, nottinghamshire.

This year on the 9 of march she won the 800m freestyle at the british trials in a season  8.18.54 to qualify for london in her favoured avent. She had already won the 400m freestyle in a world leading time of 4.02.35.

Rebecca’s facts
Club:   Nova centurion
Coach:  Bill furniss
Height: 1.79m
Weight: 70 kg
Nickname: Becky
Sport : Swimmer

Olympic Games:    2 golds.
World Championships: 2 golds,2 silvers,2 bronze.
Commonwealth Games: 2 golds,2 bronze.
European Championships: 1 gold,1 silver,1 bronze.
British Championships: 13 golds ,3 silvers,2 bronze.

Rebecca is the world champion for the 800m freestyle swim.She is already the european and commonwealth games champion.

Rebecca has done 8 800m swims in the olympics and the commonwealth games and she  has done 5 400m swims also in the olymic and commonwealth games.

On the 27th of july 2012 she is going to the london olympics games.

Rebecca has three sponsors
British Gas

This is a link to where I found out all the information. w

Friday, June 15, 2012

Home work on Ayden

This is my home work on my brother Ayden. We got told to do facts about that person.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My blog review on OliviaM

Hi , this is my blog review on Olivia Mairs  blog because she is keeping on task with her work on her blog and because I think people would enjoy reading her story. Please have a look at her blog here is a link to it go to
www.prideoliviam.blogspot.com enjoy.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

My film-strip summary of my book.

This is my film-strip summary for my book fire on a farm and we had to draw the most important parts of the story in order and this is my one.

My cloze activity

This is my cloze activity for my book , A World Record. What I  had to do for my for my cloze is that I had
to fill out the gaps from the story and  remember those words from the story.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Our visit from MORE FM radio station.

This is the audio file of us, room 19 on MORE FM radio station.
Please listen.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Homework on animals.

We got told to do a poster on animals and I did a poster about Zebras and Horses here are some photos of my 
poster. Here is a link to a  site to find out about animals.

My strategy bookmark.

This is my strategy bookmark for my reading fire in the farm. 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

More FM visits Room 19

Today Wags and Amy from More fm came to visit our classroom. They were coming to record us sing and talk about school.Wags and Amy came because Paige W-T was on the radio for something. We got a free ice-cream voucher from More fm so they came.to record us singing and talking. The funniest bit we talked about was Miss Garland and Sam her boyfriend and we also talked about are netbook and stuff in the classroom. We were put on the radio station more fm at 7.20am and 8.20am. I was pretty nervous about been put on the radio and that I said a lot . The whole class was excited about this and they said “ I can't wait till  Wags and Amy come”. My mum and me listened to the radio this morning and I was so embarrassed and especially miss garland because of her and Sam. We were all happy that they came and at the end we all yelled “Thanks Wags and Amy”.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My blog review

This is my blog review for my reading.I chose Joshe's blog because he is always keeping up with his work on his blog and because his blog is always interesting to look at.The storys on joshes blog is amazing you should read them .Here is a link to joshes blog. http://pridejosh.blogspot.co.nz/

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Environment

Today we had a visit from Sarah and she works at the Hastings distract council and she was in room 20 at Parkvale School.She taught us about the environment and she said that we have to protect the environment,she said the stuff we have to look after is the trees,grass,schools, buildings, cultures,ocean,ponds,rivers and the streets.Sarah makes up rules for us and she also makes sure buildings are not to high. Also she makes sure all the houses in Ta Matea  peak blend in with the forest.Sarah has to make the houses where they are supposed to be, and makes sure the signs on the street  where they are supposed to be.Sarah is good to the environment.Here is a link to find out more about the environment www.futureintech.org.nz

Multiplication & Division.

This is a blog post of a multiplication & division and it helps me learn more on maths . I think I need to do a little bit more practising on my divided byes  & multiplication.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Spy Watch

This is my spy watch that we had to create in the holidays for our holiday homework. I think that I did really well and  I enjoyed  coming up with different ideas. On my watch  I  have different things like a rope, net and heaps of other things that a spy would have.


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