Thursday, August 23, 2012

Blog Review / Courtney .

I thought I would do a blog review on Courtney because she is a nice friend and because I think her blog is an interesting blog to look at.
I would think people would enjoy her blog with all her cool and interesting story's you can read.
Also I think people would leave some good comment's on her story's and her pictures.
I think Courtney has worked her hardest and best to get all of this great work done.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

National Anthem for made up counrty.

In my nation there's lots of things to do.
You can play each and every day.
Have the freedom to be who you are.
Please enjoy yourself in my country.

Please recycle I entreat.
Keep my country tidy and neat.
When it gets dark the sun will light you up.
Thank you for coming to my country.
I hope you had lots and lots of fun.
Don't forget to come back soon.

The Lonely Robot.

So I stare at the factory wondering should I go in or should I not. I was thinking for a little while , well it did look scary and dark but what if it is nice and bright in the inside.
Well just then I said to myself I am going in and I am going to see the inside for myself .
So I set of inside maybe I was wrong maybe it wasn’t the right decision to go in , it was dark and scary but I still went on looking in the factory for my dream come true.
Then I came to a room full of rooms, “ Now I am never going to find my dream come true .  No not at this point”. Then I heard something coming straight for me they had a flashlight so I could see where I was going. So I ran to the nearest hiding spot. My heart was pounding with fear. I was so scared and nervous. Suddenly the person came straight past me with huge feet and they were very tall but I told myself, “I have to find my dream. Its the only thing I want”.
I set off still having time to calm down and to think where would I go. Then I came to a room where  I found a person saying my name “little robot, little robot.” I stop with fear staring at that scary room.
Then the person came out and said “ LITTLE ROBOT” in a happy voice.
When he had came out he was so happy and cheerful.  Then I realised something , something I had remembered ages ago , he was my owner the person who had created me. I was so happy. I was so happy that it brightened up my whole life.
He was holding my hand and leading me to a big surprise, when we got to a dark room he had turned on the light and there it was my dream a family with a town and streets and houses. He introduced me to my new family I had a mum, a dad, a little sister and a little brother. I was so excited. We had a wonderful life and I made some new friends with some other kids named Joe, Karl and Chub chub. The next day my mum had even started me in school with my friends. I learnt heaps at school today and then she said that I get to go every day and then I said “YAY”.

We Lived Happily Together Forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The great white man eating shark(end of story).

The Man Eating Shark (end of story)
When Miss Scorpio started to freak out  she swam away out of Caramel Cove  and yelled out to the others “ Ahh swim away a great white is here “.Everyone went out of the sea and started to stare at the shark. Everyone was scared of the shark , but the bad thing was that Norman had heard everyone left. He didn’t know that they were there staring and watching him so he popped his head up out of the water . He saw everyone looking at him and Norman was in a heap of trouble. Everyone looked at each other and Miss Scorpio was so disappointed at Norman that she made him wash the dishes at her bakery. Norman’s mum did not know until Miss Scorpio told her. When his mother knew Norman had done that she said to him, “No more dessert for you after dinner now Mr”. So she  dragged him to Miss Scorpio’s bakery and made him wash the dishes for a whole month to punish him for not sharing Caramel Cove Ocean. So from now on Miss Scorpio would bring out more dishes.But Norman’s mum was still angry about it and he was still wearing his shark fin because so everyone knew that he was the one who tricked everyone.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Spider Letter's.

Spider’s Letter.

To  Ella
I am the spider that lives in your favorite tree.
I just want to know if you can stop smashing all my webs I make it takes 12 hours to make a web each day.
Every time you wreck my web with your toys or your feet my family gets hurt.
All I am asking is for you to stop wrecking my house and hurting my family..
Thanks Spider.

Kids letter.
Sorry spider I did not know that spiders have feelings.
My family had always thought they had been hurting people.
I did not realise that we were hurting you all the time and everyday.
I am really sorry about all that roughness.
Thanks Ella..

Spider’s Letter.

That’s all right I just maybe thought you were doing it on purpose.
Just please do not do it any more.
But I do forgive you.
Thanks Spider.

Kids Letter.
Dear spider.
Thanks for forgiving my mistake over the last couple of years.
I am really grateful.
I hope I can come see you tomorrow when it is nice and sunny.
Thanks, Ella.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Men's Olympic Rowing.

Olympic Rowing.
The sound went off. I  knew it was time to race  so I started to row. My partner behind me  said, “we have to go medium now and fast at the end”. So we started to go medium and we had just finished crossing the first line. We had about 1500 meters to go yet.  We started to sweat. We got thirsty but we could not have a drink right now. We were wondering if we were in front or not. We were panicking and so we went faster and faster and then we realised that we were coming  second. We were so happy about it. We were almost at the three quarter line. We thought we were going to lose but then we were happy again because we had heard the crowd shouting, “GO NZ , GO NZ , GO NZ”. It was so exciting we only had one hundred meters to go.
We were so tired and thirsty , but luckily we had some shorts and singlets on .  Then some more people started to cheer. We were almost there but we had no idea where we were it was confusing me.
Then we were so puffed and we were slowing down and everything was going so blurry that I could hardly see anything. Then it was starting to go clear again. I felt way better and stronger so I went faster and faster.
We had 3 meters to go and we were about to go over the finishing line to win. We won and we broke a world record. Me and my friend behind me were so excited and happy. When we had finished jumping up and down we were so tired  that we drunk so much water.
Rowing was so fun today I said to my friend as we heard the crowd cheering. Then we walked out of our boat and talked through
heaps of different microphones and we were getting showed on heaps of cameras as well. That was such a fun day today .

New Zealand came 1st,  France came 2nd ,  Poland came 3rd
and Survia came 4th and then ,  Hungry came last which was 5th.

We came to the finish line at 6:08.50
We broke a World Record.


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