Sunday, November 10, 2013

Reflection For Yachting Day 1

Reflection for Yachting Day 1
Something I was pleased with was that I got to take a year 5 and teach them new things on a yacht because last year I learnt new things off a year 6 and then I got to do it with a year 5 this time and it was fun teaching Tracey.
I really enjoyed learning how to stare the yacht properly with the tiller because once I turned into the wind and nearly capsized our yacht.

Something I found hard was trying to keep the yacht balanced because I was turning and the yacht kept tipping.

Something that made me think was that Hannah and I almost cried because it felt like we were going to capsize the boat.                  
Something I want to get better at is to try and have more fun and stop worrying that we will fall into the water.
(I can stop thinking about falling and concentrate and have fun.)

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Ninja Python

Ninja Python
By Lily and Hannah.

The Ninja Python is the most terrifying creature of them all. Watch out because they have Ninja stars that come out if their mouth which will chop off your head. The Ninja Python is quite rare but furious. Do you know how to defend your self from one? Read on to find out facts about them and learn how to defend yourself.

Why is this creature so terrifying?
This Ninja Python is terrifying because it has eight eyes in the back of its head so do not try to follow one. They have ninja stars growing down their spine and they rip one out when they want to throw one at you. The stars grow back as soon as they are removed from their body. The ninja python is able to jump up off the ground and wrap itself around your neck and strangle you to death.  If you dare to go through their territory they will
If you are walking through the Ninja City, under trees, they might attack you from above. They have the skills of a black belt in being a Ninja and they are not scared to attach you. They are able to change colours to blend in with their surrounding. They can shoot acid from their mouth and burn down your house.

What damage can they do?
First to start off with they can kill you. They can chop off your head, strangle you to death and throw ninja stars at you head. They can knock down your house by shooting their acid.

Humans, Fruit, Dirt , Zombie Pigs, Demon Leopard, Giant Lobsters , Ninja Hot Dogs and Egg Salad. Their favourite food is Zebra Hearts and Zebra Eyeballs.


Now that you know how terrifying these creatures are , don’t go any where near them or they will slice your head off.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My Report By Lily

My year so far in Room 16 by Lily

My favourite thing about being in Room 16 in 2013 was Camp Kaitawa and having Mr.M as my teacher.

Something I would like to do in term four is more art and swimming

Something I would like to do next year is to do well at Intermediate

My dream job would be a Marine Biologist.


The best thing about reading so far this year is being in a Literacy circle group.

The best thing I read this year was Hatchet . I enjoyed it because it was an interesting book and it was really cool.

This is my favourite reading blog post that I created. I chose it because I think the Rainbow Bridge is amazing and it is one of my best reading blog posts.

This is my favourite reading post from someone else . I think it is awesome because he described the whale and he put in all the information about it. I thought it was interesting to read.


The best thing about maths so far this year is learning about measuring.

I was most proud of learning my division strategies.  . I was proud because I didn't know most of my division last year but I am proud because I know most of them now.

This is my favourite maths blog post that I created. I chose it because it show that I know all of my Basic facts and my score that I got out of 25 each day.

This is my favourite maths post from someone else. I think it is awesome because she did it in the holidays and she also recorded her working out.

I am really good at my 9x tables
I want to get better at my 8x tables


The best thing about writing so far this year is being able to write amazing things like my reports and topic writing.

I was most proud of learning how to write interesting pieces of writing. I was proud because before I was not a really confident writer but now I am at the writing stage I should be at.

This is my favourite writing blog post that I created. I chose it because it is about a dragon and I thought I did well on it.

This is my favourite writing post from someone else . I think it is awesome because it tells you a lot about the Kiwi and I didn't know much about them.

I am really good at Present tense writing
I want to get better at past tense writing

Integrated Topic

My favourite part of topic has been science , I enjoyed it because we could prove that air exists and that it was an amazing experiment to do.

This is my favourite topic blog post that I created. I chose it because it is a legend about Pania of the reef and because I found this story really interesting.

This is my favourite topic post from someone else. I think it is awesome because his art is amazing and I like how he has added it took 22 years to build the Taj Mahal.

School Involvement

Volleyball, Mini ball, Netball, Touch, Road Patrol,  Sports PAL, Kapa Haka, Choir, Juicies and Moosies.

I Have Shown PRIDE

Personal  Best: I have done my personal best in writing.
Respect and Responsibility: I have been responsible for my Netbook.
Integrity: I have integrity when I don’t lie.
Determination: I show determination in my Art.
Enjoyment: I have enjoyed learning and hanging out with my friends.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

My Calendar Art

This is my dot art that I did for my calendar. Doing this art was fun but it was tirering to colour in the dots. On my picture I also put a speech bubble on it that I made on Comic Life.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sloth Bear Report

Sloth Bear Report.        

Sloth Bears are a native animal to India,
Also the Sloth Bears are endangered animals. Only 10,000 remain in the forests of India.
Sloth Bears are like night animals so they are kind of nocturnal because they are more active at night than day time.
By finding out more about the Sloth Bears read my report on them.

Sloth Bears have coats of black fur on them and pale short hair on their backs.
They have long curved claws that can help them to easily break open the fruit so they can eat and that can excavate insects and termites.
They have a gap in their teeth to suck up ants and many other insects.
A cream coloured v or y marks their chest.

Sloth Bears live in the Indian forests , wet or dry. When they go into forests they only use them as their home if they have boulders. They find tree shelter.
They will have a look in the forests to see if it has the tree shelters and boulders.

Sloth Bears eat insects and different  types of fruits they love to eat are Grapes, oranges and especially pears but they also eat termites they only eat termites when they feel like it.

The Sloth Bears grow about from five to six feet high and they normally grow two to three feet wide. They weigh about 54 kg if female and 145 kg if male.
If it is a kid they weigh about 24 kg.

They are nocturnal like bats. They are noisy and loud. They make funny noises when pulling down branches to gather food from the inside of the branches and tree.

Sloth Bears have three types of threats like Wild Dogs , Tigers and Leopards.
When a threats goes near a Sloth Bear the sloth bear stands up and shows it claws and then goes back on four legs and runs.
They have a threat of some people because they cut down the trees of their habitat.

Did you know?:
Did you know that the sloth bear is so loud when it sucks up ants it can be heard about 300 Lawns away from where it is.

Now that you know heaps about the Sloth Bear. Don't cut down their habitat. There is only 10,000 left so do not hurt these precious animals keep them safe.

Nocturnal ( Nocturnal means that it is like a night animal)
Threat ( a threat is a pest but in a more describing way)
Active ( Active means that they are mostly awake at night instead of day)
Gather ( Means that they pick up and take the food)
Termites( Termites are little bugs that you can find in tree branches)
Boulders ( Boulders are rocks that can give shelter)
Pale ( Pale means that something has faded like gone lighter)
Precious( Precious means that it is special to you)

Monday, September 2, 2013

Basic Facts Results

Day   Score  Percentage
1        17         68%
2        18         72%
3        20         80%
4        22         88%
5        20         80%
6        22         88%
7        17         68%
8        21         84%
9        23         92%
10      23         92%

If you want to find out the percentage for your score you times it by 4. But only time it by that if how many questions you got given equals 100. E.g: 23/25 x 4 = 92% / 100%
My Highest score was 23 because I was practising my basic facts.
My lowest score was 16 because it was the first day we started the tests.
My average score was 20= 80%
The graph I made shows the different scores that I got in the 10 days.
How my results compare to my Learning buddy's results are:

1        Sick    0%
2        Sick    0%
3        Sick    0%
4        15       60%
5        19       76%
6        17       68%
7        Sick    0%
8        Sick    0%
9        11       44%
10      20       80%

For the last 10 days my class have been doing a test. We all sit at our tables and Mr.M calls out questions and then when we get to the number 10 we swap books with our learning buddy and they mark it out of 10 for us so we don't cheat. When we get our books back with a mark out of 10 we do another 15 questions but instead of stage 5 ones we do stage 6 ones.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Dragon Writing

My dragon has a pinkish whitish body with a black highlight down his neck. His name is Sherbet and loves to sit on your nose. Whenever you give him a treat he breathes out fire.
Sherbets favourite treats is sherbet. He tends to wonder a lot.


“Flap, Flap” The wings of the baby dragon fluttered up and down as he took a deep breath and bursted out flames. His wings are sparkling green and start to light up as the sun hits him. Smoke is coming out of his nostrils as he gently lands on my fingertips.I pat its spiky back as he makes a grunting noise. The spikes are hard , tough and pointy. He  has a black highlight line running down the back of his neck. “He’s a unique dragon” I said  to myself.  I gently took  him and sat him on my nose, he nibbled on my nose then I give him one of his treats. He looks so cute. His back is pinkish and white. I haven't named him yet and it had been along time so he flew onto my hand and I told him “ I'm going to name you Sherbet”.
I take him in my hand and I put him in his tall jungle cage and let him fly around.
I open the door and Sherbet flys away.
“ Sherbet” I say “Come back”. I walk around the street then I had no luck so then I go inside to rest and say in the darkness “Good Night Sherbet”.

The next morning I woke up and wentsearching for Sherbet in town but still no hope or luck.
So I walk home sadly and pack all of my camping gear and food and water.
“ I am going to find go find Sherbet in the forest , He must be there” I said to myself out loudly. I head out the door walking towards the forest it is about a kilometer away.
“ Its not  that far” I say. I start running for a bit then when I got up the hill I started to walk.
I get to the edge of the forest. I take a deep breath. “ I’m going in” I say. I take another deep breath. Turn on my torch and walk in. It is dark and I am scared I start calling out “Sherbet” “Sherbet , where are you”. No luck so far but I do not give up I was still in search at 3.00am in the morning. My tent was already set up and ready to go. I hopped in my tent hoping that I would find him tomorrow. I lay down looking up at the roof of the tent.

It was morning and I could hear the birds tweeting away. I got out of the tent and grabbed all of my hiking gear. I started calling out “Sherbet oh Sherbet.” Then I heard a dragon noise. “Sherbet!” I yell. I scrambled through the bushes and found him. I take him home and but when I got home I noticed something different about him, he had grown. I was happy and we stayed together forever.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Letter To Ken Catran

Dear Ken Catran,

My class Room 16 have been reading your book ‘Dead Harry’. My class thought your book was amazing and I thought it was fantastic! It was interesting and funny. It was an amazing book that all kids should enjoy. Kids in my class have gotten into groups of four and started to create a imovie trailer on your book Dead Harry. In Zeb’s group are Zeb, Hannah, Teva and me. Our trailer was going good for a little while but then we fell behind on the photos because there were young leader meetings and all that but we got through the trailer well. I think our group did well on the trailer and we all worked as a team.

In your book I liked the character Elias Milton the most because he was funny and he could do lots of tricks with his eyes, but most of all I like him the most is because he has the most character in the story and I also liked Harry because Elias Milton was trying to teach all sorts of funny ghost tricks and because he was the main character of the story. Primula was a cool character but she was not my favourite character.

My favourite part of your book was when Sam and Anna got locked in the library cupboard. That part was funny but scary. It made me think “Will they die or will they survive?”. But when Anna and Sam were stuck in the cupboard and Mrs Mills said “Have a nice barbeque kids” Nakita H. In our class started cracking up laughing. I started to have laugh as well.

Thank you for creating such a wonderful and creative book. It must of taken you a little while to finish.
I hope you create another book similar to Dead Harry.
Thanks once again Ken Catran.

Yours sincerely,


Friday, July 12, 2013

Tuatara Report

The Amazing Tuatara!!!


Tuataras are fabulous creatures. They look much like a Lizard. These Tuataras are Native to New Zealand. They are also reptiles.
Reptiles like Lizard , Tuatara and the Iguana are all cousins.
People say that the tuatara has been an endangered specie since 1895.
The Tuatara has been around for about 140 Million Years.

The Tuatara once lived throughout most of the mainlands , But the people and Rats  drove them out of there. The Population of a Tuatara is estimated estimated between 50,000 - 100,000.
The Tuatara are now only found on the 37 of shore islands.

The largest groups of Tuataras are over 50,000 is found on stephens island
in the cook strait which is between The north island and the south island.
The island has steep cliffs all around it. It has an area of 150 hectares  and is 300 meters high. The island  is also the home of thousands of petrels : A type of sea bird.
Another island with a large tuatara population is  Karewa Island in the bay of plenty. The hen and chickens group of islands is also the home to many tuataras. These islands lie off the coast north of Auckland.

Tuataras have keen , watchful eyes that are ringed by golden coloured scales. At the center of the Tuataras eye is a slit called the pupil. This slit lets light into the Tuataras eye. In the day time  Tuataras stare at the sun. The tuatara does not  have an outer ear like we do.When waves strike the tuataras eardrum moves to fro. This vibrates the bones of the ear and head so that the brain knows what is the sound. The tuatara has acute  hearing. The tuatara uses its nose to breathe and smell with , just like we do. It has an unusual sense of smell because scientists believe that it can smell food when the food is in the mouth.

Moths, Beetles , Crickets  and Wetas are the  main food source of Tuataras , but they have been observed catching and eating Skinks and Geckos.
On the Poor Knight’s Island , The Tuatara is the greatest predator. During the breeding season of the fairy prion , a seabird which lives in a burrow , a large part of the tuataras food is the fairy prion chicks. The tuatara kills the chick  by crushing it in its powerful jaws. Tuataras also eat shell - fish , called mussels by crushing them up.
Many other small animals and insects are food for the tuatara.
Insects that tuataras also eat are : Beetle Larvae , Weevils  , Flies , Crickets , Small bugs , Spiders , Millipedes and Earthworms.
Seabird eggs and chicks are the tuataras favorite food.
Older Tuataras are known to eat  very young Tuataras. Tuataras will even eat animals that are already dead whose flesh is already going off.

Size , Shape and Colour
The average length of the body is 50 centimeters.
It has a large head with teeth along the edges of its jaws.
The body is covered with small scales which vary in colour.
All scales  have a small yellow spot , which is the brightest after the skin  is shed and fades as the tuatara gets older.
The Tuatara has Scales that come in different colours.

The colour and pattern can help the Tuatara blend in with  the backgrounds and surroundings. This is called Camouflage. The skin shape of the Tuatara Helps it to hide in this way.
Colours and Patterns helps the Tuatara hide and look like rocks and the ground.

Now that you know that these Tuataras are Amazing animals,  please do not hurt them and go and destroy their habitat. They have have been around New Zealand for very many years and we would all like them to stay around for at least another thousand years.
Appreciate these animals and show them respect just like if someone gave you respect.


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