Thursday, April 18, 2013

Camp Wonder.

Introducing my very own camp I made by myself.
My camp is called Camp Wonder.
For maths we started are very own camp we had to design one of are own and put the scale , Directions to find Mr .M and activities and the very last the Co-Ordinates.
I said Directions to find Mr.M because we had to make up directions to find Mr .M.
Mr.M is lost somewhere in my camp can you help everyone find him? ( Mr.M is hidden in the forest if you look closely you can just see the forest , By the yellow square which is the teachers lounge).

My Camp Rules!!!
  1. Please no swimming in the lake without adult supervision.
  2. Be safe around the river.
  3. Please no running around the buildings.
  1. Please no running in side.
  2. No fighting will be allowed.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Challenge Tree Timeline

This is my Challenge Tree post.

Pen Pal Letter 2

This is my Pen Pal Letter 2.
I just finished it today and I think that this one is better than the other one my 1st letter.
Here is an Audio and a picture from my letter Pen Pal Letter.
My audio is going to tell you the first few sentences of my pen pal letter 2.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Reflection For Walkathon.

Something I was pleased with was: The group ( The V8 JellyBeans) and I got along and we made it through.

I really enjoyed the walkathon because: I had lots of fun and I think my group( The V8 Jelly Beans) and I did an awesome job.

Something I found hard was: Trying to get the group( The V8 JellyBeans) to stay together the whole way through.

Something that made me think was: That everyone and especially my group( The V8 JellyBeans) was doing awesome even if they came first or last.

Something I want to get better at is: That I want to get better at working as a team.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Block making / Maths Time

Here is my Maths blocks that we made today at maths time.
We had to make an Rectangle house or tower and me and Dylan ( my learning buddy) made an rectangle house thing and it does not really look like an house though.

This is Dylan's and mine first block tower on top and side view.

Volume: 36cm cubed

Area: 18cm squared (6x3)

Height: 2cm

This is Dylan's and my Second one that we did.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My PicLit

PicLit Poems

For our PicLit we had to go onto the website and choose a picture and then we had to make a sentence that is about that picture.  Here is a link to the site where you can make your own PicLit. Com. I also have an audio for each Piclit that you can listen to.

Number 1 Piclit.
Number 2 Piclit.

Rainbow Bridge.

Rainbow Bridge.

Rainbow bridge is the longest nature bridge on earth.
This bridge is in Southern Utah , United states of america and was created over a period of millions of years ago.
The style of this bridge is an Natural arch bridge.

On this bridge you can not drive or even walk.
This bridge has a span that is about 85 meters and arches  94 meters over a gorge. It has enough space for two lanes like on the road. But they have not built one on the rainbow bridge because it is really unsafe. The top of the gorge is 10 meters wide.

The Rainbow Bridge is surrounded by a canyon.
In 1910 the president William Howard Taft declared it in a national monument.

Visitors can either Hike or take a 2hr boat trip to the rainbow bridge.

Challenge Tree / Key Words About Myself

This is a post with key words about myself. These key words are from an activity from the challenge tree in our homework book.


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