Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sloth Bear Report

Sloth Bear Report.        

Sloth Bears are a native animal to India,
Also the Sloth Bears are endangered animals. Only 10,000 remain in the forests of India.
Sloth Bears are like night animals so they are kind of nocturnal because they are more active at night than day time.
By finding out more about the Sloth Bears read my report on them.

Sloth Bears have coats of black fur on them and pale short hair on their backs.
They have long curved claws that can help them to easily break open the fruit so they can eat and that can excavate insects and termites.
They have a gap in their teeth to suck up ants and many other insects.
A cream coloured v or y marks their chest.

Sloth Bears live in the Indian forests , wet or dry. When they go into forests they only use them as their home if they have boulders. They find tree shelter.
They will have a look in the forests to see if it has the tree shelters and boulders.

Sloth Bears eat insects and different  types of fruits they love to eat are Grapes, oranges and especially pears but they also eat termites they only eat termites when they feel like it.

The Sloth Bears grow about from five to six feet high and they normally grow two to three feet wide. They weigh about 54 kg if female and 145 kg if male.
If it is a kid they weigh about 24 kg.

They are nocturnal like bats. They are noisy and loud. They make funny noises when pulling down branches to gather food from the inside of the branches and tree.

Sloth Bears have three types of threats like Wild Dogs , Tigers and Leopards.
When a threats goes near a Sloth Bear the sloth bear stands up and shows it claws and then goes back on four legs and runs.
They have a threat of some people because they cut down the trees of their habitat.

Did you know?:
Did you know that the sloth bear is so loud when it sucks up ants it can be heard about 300 Lawns away from where it is.

Now that you know heaps about the Sloth Bear. Don't cut down their habitat. There is only 10,000 left so do not hurt these precious animals keep them safe.

Nocturnal ( Nocturnal means that it is like a night animal)
Threat ( a threat is a pest but in a more describing way)
Active ( Active means that they are mostly awake at night instead of day)
Gather ( Means that they pick up and take the food)
Termites( Termites are little bugs that you can find in tree branches)
Boulders ( Boulders are rocks that can give shelter)
Pale ( Pale means that something has faded like gone lighter)
Precious( Precious means that it is special to you)


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  2. Awesome Lily
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